Personal Affordable Retreats

We are very pleased to offer a personal beach retreat setting

– in the typical Caribbean way –

with some of the best rates anywhere on the Caribbean coast

for our simple yet comfortable, fully equipped, beautiful beach houses.


Taking A Break From Everyday Life -  Relax and Recharge -

No matter if just looking to relax, release, clear your mind, unwind and recharge, or to give yourself time to listen to your Heart’s longing, Chimuri Beach Retreat is a small get-away with just three cabins in a residential property in front the Caribbean Sea, away from crowds.

At Life’s CrossroadsA Time to Explore Your Self, Let Go, and Be Free -

When you are ready to follow your Soul’s true yearning and to explore or deepen your life’s purpose, it’s time for a  personal retreat, self-guided  or supported. Right in front of Puerto Viejo’s black sand beach, Chimuri Beach retreats are intimate and personal–a profoundly beautiful experience for both solo and couples or two close friends. For those with an adventurous and courageous spirit who wish to retrieve and awaken to who you really are.



Healing, Yoga and Transformation – Recovery, Renewal, and New Beginnings -


Chimuri Beach Retreat offers an intimate setting for a sacred union with your authentic Being. Your hostess Kiana, is Chimuri’s personal retreat connection to Talamanca’s Pura Vida (pure life) and a select group of sacred healers for holistic therapies. Born in Austria, Kiana settled here over 30 years ago, and now offers the Healing Light of Johrei and a compassionate heart to all who come. Yoga instructions, offered regularly in our semi-open, airy gazebo next door, can complement your inner journey.

The tropical environment of Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast,  intense with lush vegetation so rich in colors, aromas and magical sounds, is an ideal place for personal transformation because ‘things’ won’t keep very long in this climate with its strong decomposing, and at the same time fertile qualities, practically almost obligating one to let go of any attachments and outgrown beliefs.



Nature Walks and Exciting Adventures – Personalized Walks and Tours

A personal retreat should definitely include a personally guided walk in our own private nature reserve and sanctuary with Mauricio, Chimuri’s widely respected indigenous guide. Discover close-up the jungle birds and animals, taste the rich variety of tropical fruits, and learn the traditional plant medicines through his native Bribri ways. Then connect with Maythemi, another member of Chimuri’s family, to choose unique tours and sacred journeys to Talamanca’s jungle preserves, indigenous territories and cultures.


Reggae & Calypso Rhythms and Artistic Aliveness – Sing, Dance, Write, Paint, Be Alive and Inspired

Beautiful beaches, the lush rainforest, the unique Talamanca heritage, and local artists and musicians offer a blend of the best of the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. The intriguing Afro-Caribbean and Indigenous cultural history of the area and your creativity combine with a fertile aliveness to inspire you and expand your awareness and appreciation of each precious moment, so your creative spirit starts to flow easily into expression.


Solitude, Self Discovery, and Awakening – A Safe Space to Imagine, Reflect and set a New Course at Your Own Pace and Schedule

A personal spiritual retreat–the Caribbean way–is much more than a vacation. A trip to the Caribbean coast becomes an inner journey of discovery and awakening to the Path of your Soul. In communion with the sounds of waves and tropical birds, enjoying the healing power of the tropical sun and the rain, immersed in lush vegetation and inner silence, your Caribbean personal retreat at Chimuri Beach continues long after you leave this quiet paradise.

   “We are the transformers of Earth

our whole being,

and the flights and falls of our Love

enable us to undertake this task.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke


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